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Derroura Mountain Bike Hire Term of Hire

1 Bikes must be returned on the day of hire unless by prior written agreement.
2 Photo ID is required to hire a bike. SORRY, NO PHOTO ID - NO BIKE.
(Examples of Photo ID include a valid Passport, a valid Driving Licence, or a valid National Identity Card)
Charges & Deposit
3 Hire Charge must be paid in full in advance of the hire commencing.
4 Security Deposit, must be given on the day of hire. This will be returned in full after the bike has been inspected and no loss or damage has been found to have been incurred.
5.1 In order to receive a full refund of the hire fee, an individual must notify Derroura MTB Hire of their intention to cancel not less than 48 hours before the date the hire was due to take place. Refunds will not be given for cancellations made after this time.
5.2 For group hire reservations, cancellations must be notified to Derroura MTB Hire not less than 72 hours before the date the hire was due to take place. Refunds will not be given for cancellations made after this time.
Equipment Included in Hire
6.1 A helmet will be issued with each bike hired.
6.2 The following additional equipment is also supplied with each bike:
 Bicycle Repair Kit
 Multi Tool with Chain Breaker
 Tyre Levers (3)
 Tyre Tube
There is no charge for these items unless they are lost or damaged.
7.1 The hirer understands that they should have personal insurance cover whilst mountain biking
7.2 During the period of hire, the hirer is solely responsible for all hired equipment and indemnifies Derroura MTB Hire for its loss.
7.3 The hirer fully absolves Derroura MTB Hire, and its employees, from all liabilities howsoever arising whilst the hirer is responsible for the hired equipment
7.4 The hirer fully accepts liability and all costs arising from injury to themselves or to third parties.
Enjoying the Bike
8.1 The hirer does not suffer from any medical condition / ailment that would prevent them from undertaking the physical activity that is mountain biking.
8.2 The hirer accepts that they are competent to ride the bike and that they will wear the helmet at all times whilst doing so.
8.3 The hirer accepts that there is an element of risk in riding a bicycle over single track trails and accepts this risk.
8.4 The hirer understands that components such as brakes and tyres will react differently according to the ambient weather and trail conditions, and accepts this fact.
9 The hirer shall sign to consent to these Terms & Conditions in order that the bike may be released for hire.
I ___________________________ have read and agree to the above terms & conditions set out by Derroura Mountain Bike Hire
Print Name: _________________________ Signed By: ___________________________
Witnesses on behalf of Derroura MTB Hire: _____________________________________
Date: _____________________________